Ductless Repair and Installation For Your Home

Mitsubishi and Samsung are the leading suppliers of Ductless or mini-split air conditioners.  These units have been a breakthrough for homeowners of older homes in Chicago and Chicago’s South suburbs. S&S Mechanical has been selling and installing these units for many years with great results. As opposed to systems that use air conditioning or heating duct work, Mitsubishi and Samsung ductless HVAC systems use refrigerant lines that connect an outside unit with an inside blower. Everything can be controlled from a thermostat located in your home. This modern system is quiet, efficient, and reliable.

In older Chicagoland homes, S&S Mechanical recommends these Ductless air conditioners due to the fact that installing the system creates very little in the way of mess or expensive renovation costs. This benefit is especially true when the residence has been built using lath and plaster construction where it is cost prohibitive to put in duct work. Mitsubishi and Samsung mini-split air conditioners can also be room specific. For example, a unit can be placed in a bedroom to enable restful sleep. These ductless systems are a cost effective solution due to the amount of energy you will be saving.

There are numerous advantages to having a Mitsubishi or Samsung ductless air conditioning system rather than a conventional window unit, not the least of which is safety and security. The difference in the quality of air and noise level is significant as well. Call S&S Mechanical at (888) 828-2826 today for further information on the benefits of ductless air conditioners.