The Leading Provider of Commercial Refrigeration Installation

For businesses such as restaurants and bakeries, it is very easy to lose sight of how important commercial refrigeration is. When choosing a commercial refrigeration unit to install, it is often tempting to install the used, inexpensive option. At S&S Mechanical, we understand that an older unit can easy break down and also result in high energy efficiency costs.

An established commercial refrigeration company like S&S Mechanical is hard to find, which is why we pride ourselves on serving and retaining our clients. We work on refrigeration from the inside-out and this knowledge has given us the ability to sell new equipment without bias; we are not committed to a particular brand or model, but only to what will work the best within your budget and requirements.

S&S Mechanical specializes in commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer repair throughout Chicago and Chicago’s South Suburbs. Commercial refrigeration repair is a skill that requires a great deal of training and experience. The S&S Mechanical team understands that a poorly repaired refrigeration unit can only result in a worse situation further down the road. Our commercial refrigerator and freezer technicians keep up to date with the very latest technology and factory training and advisories. Commercial refrigeration undergoes constant change especially in regard to energy and environmental issues. Our technicians have the expertise to help your operation with any problem.

Quite often, a minor fix or small repair now can save significant down-time and costly repair bills in the future. Call today to schedule an appointment.