Superior Excellence in Commercial Furnace Repair

The winters of the Greater Chicago area can certainly be brutal, and the failure of your furnace at your restaurant or retail store may not only be an inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. S&S Mechanical Services is always prepared to answer your call and efficiently service your furnace. If this is an emergency, our clients can be assured that our dispatched fleet of service vans will make every effort to be at your business as quickly as possible.

When working with S&S Mechanical, you will be getting the best furnace repair service for the most cost effect price. A minor fix or an entire furnace overhaul for your business will result in the most effective solution. The S&S Mechanical team is not only honest and reliable but we are the number one provider of commercial furnace repair service for your business in the Greater Chicago area.

We believe, and we think you will agree, that the best way to ensure your commercial furnace will continue to run smoothly is to set up a routine inspection and evaluation plan with S&S Mechanical. These maintenance checkups include our trained technicians analyzing both the combustion and efficiency of your commercial furnace. We are always pleased to answer your questions and to talk about furnace repair and continue to be among Greater Chicago’s leading commercial furnace repair specialists.