Colleen Salzman

Why are consumers choosing home automation?

Imagine controlling your home from your tablet or phone. It is the newest trend in technology today. You can control everything from your heating and cooling system to locking your door. Homeowners can now stay connected to their homes at all times. There are a number of companies that are now offering home automation to consumers. It allows consumers to check up on their home and family with a click of a button.

Most homeowners are starting to enter home automation by adding thermostats such as The Nest. These thermostats allow homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems while they are not home. The only downside of majority of these thermostats is that there are very limited products available to add on to the system in order control their home. Nexia Home Intelligence offers a wide variety of products for home automation to keep you connected. Not only can you control your heating and cooling system but also turn off/on a lamp or even the television when you are not home. There are indoor and outdoor cameras available so you can see if your kids are doing their homework or if that package you have been waiting for has been delivered. How many times have you had to turn around to see if you closed the garage door or locked your front door? With Nexia, you can live with peace of mind and stay connected with your home when you are not there.

Unlike other companies, Nexia does not charge a large monthly fee with a contract for home automation. Nexia charges a monthly fee of $9.99 with no contract. Meaning, you may start and stop your system as you please. Some people may not be ready to streamline home automation into their lives yet but still would like to be able to control their heating and cooling system digitally. Consumers have the capability of adding up to four Nexia thermostats and four appliance modules or light dimmers to their systems without a monthly fee. With the Nexia thermostat, it gives consumers the opportunity to add additional products to their home in the future.

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