Colleen Salzman

Seasonal Allergy Solutions

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, Spring has started. Allergy suffers are already feeling the effects of allergens in the air. This year doctors are predicting it to be the worst allergy season in quite a while. Many people take medication to control their allergies. I know from personal experience medication does not always work and medication can be costly when you constantly have to take it. Seasonal allergens are caused by airborne allergens that enter your nose, mouth, and eyes to cause an allergic reaction. There are products available for your home to alleviate you and your families’ seasonal allergies.

Electronic air cleaners (EAC): American Standard Accuclean

– American Standard a top of the line indoor air quality product to relieve allergens from your home. You never realize what effect indoor air quality has on your life until you personally experience the debilitating symptoms of allergies. I can personally tell you that it has made a large impact on my family by having this product installed in my home. My husband suffers from horrific allergies. He suffered every night waking up not being able to breath. Ever since we had the American Standard Accuclean he is finally able to sleep at night with out struggling. The Accuclean removes 99.98% of air born allergens. This product removes us to .1 microns which is smaller than an atom. Unlike you conventional media filters, you never have to purchase new filters for an electronic air cleaner. It has removable filters that you vacuum out. The indicator light on the Accuclean lets homeowners know when it is time to clean the filter. I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers from allergies.

Media Filter:

– Although an electronic air cleaner is the best solution for indoor air quality, it may not be an affordable option for every homeowner. Media filters are another way to increase the air quality of your home. Media filters capture 85% more air contaminants than your conventional 1″ filters. The filter itself is usually 3″ or 5″ depending on the brand of Media filter cabinet your purchase. Homeowners also do not have to change the filter once a month like they do with 1″ filters. It is recommended to replace the media filter once every three months. However, this can vary depending on the amount of people living in the home and the presence of pets. Media filters come in different MERV ratings for consumers. MERV ratings determine the amount of particles they capture. The higher the MERV rating, the more particles they capture.