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Furnace Repair

Most people’s heating and cooling systems are the last thing that is on their mind until it does not work. So you come home from a hard day of work and it if cold in your house. What do you do??

1) Check your thermostat:
Many consumers have thermostats that have battery back up. If your thermostat is blank take the thermostat off the wall and change the batteries. If your thermostat does not have batteries and is blank you may have a break in the line from the circuit board to your thermostat. In the case where your thermostat is showing a screen, turn up the temperature on your thermostat and press the hold button. By chance if your unit does come on the programs in your thermostat may not be set right.

2) Check your filter:
Filters should be changed once a month. Your filter may be clogged which is causing the unit to go off on high limit. If your filter is clogged replace the filter. Turn the unit off and then back on. If your unit does not fire, call a heating contractor.

3) Check your breaker:
Certain areas may experience power surges and pop your breaker. Go to your electrical breaker and make sure your breaker for your furnace is in the proper position.

If you ever hear an unusual noise/smell coming from your unit or these steps doe not rectify your issues call a qualified Heating contractor. Within the past 10 years furnaces have become more complicated with electronics and diagnostics that are involved. It often makes it more difficult for homeowners to troubleshoot and repair their own unit. When in doubt, contact your heating and cooling company.

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Colleen Salzman

Why perform maintenance on your heating system?

Your Safety: Gas furnaces, root top units, and boiler all have two things in common. 1) They all use gas as their fuel source. Periodically, customer’s may have a gas leak coming from their system and may not even know. When maintenance is performed on your equipment, service technicians use an electronic gas detector to check over your system to make sure there aren’t any gas leaks. In the event there is a gas leak, they are able to make the repair the point of leakage. It will not only save on your gas bill but could potentially save your family’s life. 2) They all expel carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is produced from the heating equipment. It is important to have a service technician examine your unit and determine if any carbon monoxide is being emitted into the space. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Every home needs to have a carbon monoxide detector. I recommend a detector that is a plug in with a battery back up. Please remember that Carbon monoxide detectors do have an expiration date so if you already have one make sure it is still good.

Prevent Un-timely Breakdowns: There is nothing worse that having your heating system break down when its below zero outside. Service technicians clean your heating system, test the mechanical and electrical components of your unit in order to prevent breakdowns. There have been many times where customer’s have called, had no heat and it was due to there system being dirty. Majority of the heating problems can be detected during a routine maintenance tune-up. Customer’s can then have the time to make educated decisions regarding their system instead of being forced to make a quick decision when the unit has already failed.

Efficiency and Longevity: Equipment that is not properly maintenance causes stress on all of the components. In turn, these causes the unit to work harder and it not outputting heat as efficient. Also, equipment parts that are starting to wear cause other parts to work harder. Getting your heating unit tuned-up will increase the efficiency of your system. A well maintained heating system will have a longer life than those that have been neglected over the years.

Contact us to schedule maintenance with our qualified service technicians.