Unbeatable Furnace and AC Repair for Homes and Businesses in Dolton

If you make your home or have a business in Dolton, IL and are in need of expert air conditioner or furnace servicing or repair, call S&S Mechanical Services. We are your best choice for the great technicians, excellent work, and affordable pricing.

S&S Mechanical Services has been repairing and servicing air conditioners and furnaces throughout Dolton, Illinois and the South Chicagoland Suburbs for over 30 years. In Dolton’s sweltering summers or brutal winters, an air conditioner or furnace breakdown, means more than a change in room temperature. For a foodservice or retail establishment, it can mean a huge loss of business; for an office building or professional office it can mean a shutdown. This issue is especially a concern for families with infants or the elderly who have breathing problems. Call today for our services!

The very best air conditioning furnace repair plan starts with a comprehensive system inspection and evaluation. S&S Mechanical Services technicians evaluate the combustion and the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioner, and then go through every detail.  We do the job right.

Dolton customers, S&S Mechanical Services is always pleased to answer your questions about air conditioner and furnace repair. We have been among Greater Chicago’s leading HVAC repair specialists for many years. We catch minor problems before they turn into major problems. Call today!