Colleen Salzman

Buying tips for getting a new HVAC system installed

Step 1: Establish a budget. Since there are so many options, it is important to determine your budget. Many Hvac companies also have financing available.

Step 2: Do your research. Research different brands. Just like any type of purchase, there is a wide variety available. Perform and online search for various reviews on the brand equipment. Consumer Report also has a ranking for Hvac equipment that is helpful for any homeowner.

Step 3: Find a qualified contractor. Step 3 is by far the most important step in this process. Your purchase is only as good as the contractor installing it. Make sure the contractor has the proper licenses and insurance. Find a contractor that you can rely will be there for you in the event you have any issues. Most contractors will provide some sort of labor warranty. You want to make sure that they will ensure your issues will not go unresolved.

Step 4: Get an estimate. Ask the contractor questions. It is important for the line of communication is clear between yourself and your contractor. It would also be a good time to give your contractor an estimated budget so that they can provide the best possible options for your price range. The contractor should supply he brand name and model number of he unit they are recommending you. After your estimate you may have a reference for doing additional research on the equipment.

Step 5: Review all of your information. Look at all of your research and estimates from your qualified contractors. Feel confident in the estimate you were given and the company you are choosing. If you are still unsure which company to choose, ask the company for some references in your area. Speaking with another customer may put your concerns at ease.

Colleen Salzman

Should you repair your AC? Or is it time to replace?

There are many factors when trying to decide if you should repair or replace your air conditioning system.

Repair Cost: If you have had trouble with your air conditioning system, how much will it cost to repair it? Major components such as a failed compressor or a leaking system can be quite costly. Before getting any costly repair work done, I recommend getting an estimate for a new system. Estimates for new systems are free. You can then use a cost comparison for the repair vs a new unit. I also recommend speaking to your trusted technician. If the repair needed on your unit is a minor one and you have had no major issues with the unit, many contractors would recommend preforming the minor repair. It is important to make sure you are educated on the overall condition of your system and the repair that is being suggested to you. Ask your contractor questions about the repair being done. The more you know about your system, the better decisions you can make.

Age: Is your air conditioner towards the upper end of system expectancy? Manufactures state that the average air conditioner lasts between 10-15 years. If your air conditioner is anywhere in end of expectancy age range it would be a good idea to start budgeting for a new unit. Get a tune-up and cleaning done on your air conditioner by a qualified technician in the spring season. As a homeowner, you will be will informed of the health of your system and you will be able to make education decisions on your unit.

For more information about repairing or replacing your air conditioner, contact a qualified HVAC contractor.